Who We Are...

FiWiShops.com started in 2015 as just a concept and an idea to help those in Jamaica with the means to sell products online, without worrying about hefty cost associated with such a venture.

We spent 3-4 years learning about the industry and understanding the dilemma of our demographic, the regular store owner.

After doing business ourselves with locals from other parts of the region such as The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, The Cayman Islands, amongst others, we came to find out that this dilemma was not only focused around Jamaica, but across the region at large.

That is when we decided to work on making it a platform for the Caribbean. Where customers and vendors can shop & sell online worry-free.

For far too long, we in the Caribbean have been left out of the major perks of the information age, and e-Commerce is one such sector that we believe can be a pivotal part for all Caribbean citizens.

FiWiShops.com provides persons from all walks of life the ability to access e-commerce facilities and sell a wide range of items to an even wider range of audiences, via many methods.

We are especially proud to offer an Auction based selling system. Vendors can upload there items, set a minimum purchase price, set an end date and watch customers bid for your items. This is especially catered to our Craft Vendors, Painters, Sculptures, etc, that usually rely on visitors or passers by to see and potentially make a purchase. This platforms affords them the ability to get great prices for there art work as well appeal to a broader market base, in the Caribbean and by extension the rest of the World.

Customers can shop worry free knowing all Certified and Verified Vendors will be marked with a seal of approval and as a added measure of security, all funds will be held until items are delivered and marked as such to ensure buyer satisfaction.

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What We Offer...

With COVID-19 slowing down most if not all industries, our packages and features are suited for everyone to get online and sell!

OUR Packages include:

  1. Corner Shop – 15 Items @ $0.00/month + 5% Commission
  2. Big Shop – 30 Items @ $9.99/month + 3.5% Commission
  3. Supermarket – 75 Items @ $19.99/month + 3% Commission
  4. Plaza! – 150 Items @ $39.99/month + 2.5% Commission


With features like:

  • Easy Vendor Registration.
  • Worldwide Marketplace.
  • Facilities and features for craft vendors, painters, musician, etc…
  • Auction System (for those priceless possessions).
  • World-wide Shipping connections, with companies such as;
    • Tara Courier
    • FedEx
    • DHL Express
    • UPS
    • Zip Mail
    • PDX Express
    • TRINI Cargo
    • TT Post
    • More coming soon…
  • Growing number of ways to accept & receive payments, including:
    • Visa Debit/Credit Card
    • Mastercard Debit/Credit Card
    • PayPal (Account funds/Cards)
    • Stripe – (with Apple Pay, Google Pay coming soon)
    • Bank Transfers – (USD, CAD & JMD, more coming soon)
    • More coming soon…

Shipping is one of the more difficult issues to navigate, with weight, distance and delicacy of item(s) varying from purchase to purchase, but our solution is simple yet very effective. Customers have various options of shipping methods which they will be paying for, with the option of being offered conditional free shipping by store owner and also the ability to just “swing by” and pick up a packaged and ready purchase for free as well.

Store owner will receive a PDF invoice and address label to print on package with even content class details(art, delicate, etc). If Item is to be shipped, store owner will have to decide if they’ll call the relevant shipping agency for a pickup or drop off items for shipping.

Our shoppers data safety is of high importance to us, and as such we have taken these steps, while seeking out others, to ensure your data and experience stays safe.

  • 256-bit SSL Site Wide Security with constant data encryption.
  • 24/7 Anti-Spam protection
  • Buyer Protection
    • Funds will be held until items are verified as delivered by shipper & or marked as received by customer.
    • Customer has up to 30 days after purchasing item(s) to file for a refund if needed.
    • Exchange may be honoured once customer issues a request within 24hrs of receiving item(s).
  • Vendor Verification is done for all vendors with a Gold Seal attached to there tag and profile as well as other info tags, and those who are not verified will be limited to only 3 products, with no seal of verification.

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