Last Updated on October 01, 2020

Anyone with legal things to sell, a Computer or Smart Phone and your ready to go!

Because of regions class(High Risk), funds have to held for up 5 Business days to prevent fraudulent purchases.

After that time, the choice is yours:

  • Local Bank Transfer(BNS/NCB/Sagicor/CIBC, etc)
  • PayPal Transfer
  • Stripe Transfer
  • Cash-in-Hand
  • More ways coming soon…

The choice is yours:

  • Visa Debit/Credit Card
  • MasterCard Debit/Credit Card
  • PayPal Wallet
  • Bank Transfer(USD/JMD/CAD)
  • More ways coming soon…

We always strive for perfection, but in the event it’s not case(a rarity😉), you can always contact FiWiShops directly and we will arrange for your product to be sorted out.

If your address is too far to drop off, and the reason for return is not due to a fault of ours, then return shipping cost will be paid for by customer or deducted from the amount to be refunded.

Delivery times may vary based on delicacy, size, weight and number item(s) being shipped.

However, we guarantee no longer 5 Business days for purchases made from stores within shoppers region and 2-weeks for over sees purchases, with those times being able to be as little as 1 Business day, 1-week respectively.

World-Wide Shipping connections, with companies such as:

    • Tara Courier
    • FedEx
    • DHL Express
    • UPS
    • Zip Mail
    • PDX Express
    • TRINI Cargo
    • TT Post
    • More coming soon…

Warranty is provided by store which provides the items, especially in the case of electronics. See store info for more details.


When it comes on to Collectables and Antiques, our team of Global Art collectors will personally vet and review all entrants to ensure authenticity.

Orders can be cancelled immediately or as long as the item(s) has not been shipped, if item(s) have been shipped, then the refunded amount will have the shipping for both legs deducted before the funds are returned. Also, a repacking fee of 15% will also be deducted along with any cost associated with damages or alterations found on returned item(s).



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